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I live in the city limits of Tucson. I have checked a couple of times and never found a city oridenance concerning the amounts of smokeless or black powder that one can hold on your property. When I called the city a fews years back, I was refered to the NFPA (National Fire Prevention Administration) recommendations. It states in the NFPA that the limit for a private individual is 30 pounds of powder and 10,000 primers. It then states if the powder is held in a specially constructed magazine the amount is greater. SInce I never have had, nor plan on having more than 10 or twenty pounds in the garage at any one time, I didn't give this a second thought. The idiots on the news may be calling a fire code a "law". It is not the same thing.

I sure hope that the military rounds that were reportedly "stolen" can be proven to be legal. This poor guy probably picked them up at a gunshow or swap meet, not knowing what he bought. Even if the munitions are inert, he could still get charged with possession of stolen property. He is in for a rough ride. And he is just the kind of victim liberal prosecutor love: doesn't have enough money to mount a serious defense, had a stoke, so he is physically incapable to defend himself and has been painted as a gun crazed maniac by the press.
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