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Apparently the city of Tucson has set a limit on the amount of powder an individual can possess. Can anyone shed some light on this?
I've never been to Tucson but any city can make restrictive laws in the name of safety. Hampton Virginia limits the amount of smokeless powder (don't know about black) a dealer can display at a gun show to one pound. This makes the dealers display powder labels and you have to go with them to their truck to make a purchase. This of course has the desired effect of hurting sales at gun shows.
In the same coliseum however, you can have car dealers drive in their new cars for display with full tanks of gas. They also have monster truck races. Obviously the potential for fire is greater with the gasoline, but the laws don't have to make sense.

As far as this thread goes, I'll wait for more info on the "traps" before commenting. Hope the guy is OK, being in critical condition he may not be concerned about his house right now.
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