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I must step in and offer a few words in defense of Miwall Corp having done business with them for many years.

No, I do not order ammunition from them, so the complaints about their ordering policies or customer service might require some review on their part. For me, it has always been a cash and carry proposition. I will be certain to mention the dissatisfaction some of you here have expressed, (to those employees I regularly deal with) at the next show (Feb. 23-24) for what it is worth.

The ammunition I have purchased from them, both factory (Winchester, Federal, Remington, PMC, etc and their own "factory new" manufactured ammunition has always been consistent, of good quality, and priced better than many of the other popular sources listed here at TFL and other firearm related boards. I must add that I have purchased their ammunition exclusively at gun shows held locally and have always had the opportunity and luxury of inspecting the product at the point of purchase.

Their salespeople are not always the most informed regarding their product line. This I will admit. Some of their offerings offer no ballistic data, but it is the exception rather than the rule. I have received one defective (crushed case) .380 round in the few hundred thousand rounds I have purchased from them. Truth be told, I have received a higher "defect" rate with fresh factory production ammunition from major manufacturers through the years than I have had with Miwalls offerings. I think their popularity amongst customers in their "distribution area" speaks highly of their ability to provide a decent product at a fair price. They have continually told me that if I had a problem with any of their ammunition, to simply return the unused portion for an exchange or a comparably priced amount of other ammunition.

I will weigh my remarks with the following caveat. I think much of disparity I see with other purchasers comments versus my own, is in the actual purchased product. Much of the problem I see with Miwall is their "reloaded" ammunition, which I am personally unwilling to purchase. Their "reloads" are generally manufactured using mixed cases that the employees of Miwall are either unwilling (or incapable of) telling you how many times they have been fired. Nobody I know will shoot their reloads because of the inconsistent component matching and lack of information on case history. If you choose to do so, that is your business, but don't do it with the expectation of 100% quality as you might with freshly manufactured components. The odds are stacked against you from the outset. I would expect their "reload" ammunition is little more than the "loss leader" specials you see offered by any large volume distributor in a variety of business endeavors. At present, it is to be avoided.

I do suggest only purchasing their "factory new" ammunition, which is assembled using all new components. There is a marked difference in quality as there is also a difference in price, which is to be expected. Admittedly, I purchase very little of it anymore as I now reload to fulfill my ammunition requirements. Still, I do purchase case lots from time to time for casual plinking ammunition just to obtain once-fired brass. I think anyone purchasing this ammunition would be quite satisfied with the price paid versu performance.

Miwall is a volume discount distributor that deals in ammunition in bulk, offering commercial factory ammunition, imported ammunition, their own factory new ammunition and their own reloaded ammunition and reloading components. I find most of their prices quite attractive on all items and have seldom seen the same ammunition or components offered at better prices elsewhere (at least with shipping charges being considered). I would venture to say the sheer volume of their business demonstrates that the majority of shooters (if their on-line sales and the lines at the gun shows are any indication) have arrived at a similar conclusion.

I am not saying that they don't screw up, ever. I am simply saying that the few complaints I have heard about the quality of their ammunition have come from people who have purchased budget reloads using mixed cases who find themselves feeling they "didn't get what they paid for."

I am quite satisfied with Miwall, their customer service, products, and most importantly, their pricing, after almost a decade in dealing with them. I regret that some of my fellow customers may not have shared the same experience. Two sides to every coin...
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