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Got home in time to catch the 6:00 o'clock news on TV. They're now claiming this guy had illegal "military explosives" in the form of 20MM rounds and talking about charging him.
I hope, for his sake, they turn out to be inert. I didn't hear any further mention of the alleged "mortar shells" they claimed to find earlier.
They also claimed to have removed over 120 lb of black powder.

The talking head went on to say that air traffic was diverted in the area since "if one of those anti-aircraft shells was fired, it could cause serious trouble for aircraft flying over the property".
Of course the fact that this guy didn't have a 20MM cannon or any other means of firing the rounds was irrelevant. I guess they just periodically go off by themselves.

The neighbors were finally allowed to return to their homes today.

The way the media is spinning this, it's very hard to know what to believe but perhaps some action is necessary if it turns out this guy didn't break any laws.

This could happen to any one of us who owns a couple of guns and certainly those of us who reload. I, for one, normally have a few pounds of black and smokeless powder around the house, not to mention what they would refer to as my RCBS and Dillon "bomb making eqiupment", some pipe and fittings in the storage shed, wire, fertilizer, etc. Not to mention a couple evil "military style weapons".

Maybe it's time to get involved when we can get all the facts. Does anyone know which hospital he's in and better yet know anyone working at that hospital?

From what I hear, this guy doesn't have any family here and he may not have anyone anywhere else to give him a helping hand if he even makes it out of the hospital.
I'm not sure how much longer my contract here will last, but my home is only a little over an hour from Tucson so if some of us want to help this guy out, maybe we can get together and do just that.
Maybe contribute to a legal defense fund for him?
Maybe take up a collection?
Maybe help him clean up that ungodly mess they're making for him in his house?
I know I'd sure appreciate some help if I was in his shoes.

What do you think, Guys? Want to do more than just talk about it?
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