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So what have the rest of you done in the last 20 minutes?

SOB been busy! I have just sent emails and links to that article to Aaron at JPFO, Angel at CCRKBA, Ed at REF, the national TRT, and the armed citizen. If someone would, please send one to that group on the beltway..... NRA, I won't because I'd be afraid they would negotiate to let him keep half of his guns. Come on people let's get busy here! Anyone know if there is a pink pistol's chapter in Arizona? This is one we can and should all get together on and kick some sociocrat butt. Ain't it amazing what you can get away with in the name of Public Safety? Let's go people, times a wasteing. If you have committed to call in the morning, please keep us posted on your progress. Now, everyone, shut those computers off and get a good nights sleep. We will need our witts about us tomorrow!
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