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I haven't seen the news or read the Tucson Red Star or Comrade today, been busy. I ahve followed this on the radio. It was interesting to hear how this story started out big qand sensational and last news braodcast a simple passing reference. It was said that the paramedics entered the house "to get a blanket to cover the naked Eroh..." Uhmm, don't they carry balnkets on ambulances? All this tells me is don't pass out on your pourch, it will give the cops and anyone else the okay to ransack your property.

I did hear that Eroh laid out booby traps (trip wires attached to pepper spray and other non- lethal sprays around his collection. The 22nd and Country Club area is not the best of neighborhoods. People in that neck of the woods have more than their fair share of burglaries and gang activity. So in a way, I do not blame the guy for setting out some pest control devices. I believe those pepper spray gags are perfectly legal.

The police, although not formally commenting have stated that they are removing the firearms for safe keeping while Eroh is hospitalized... YEAH, RIGHT!!

I hope this guy has some family that will step up and claim that stuff. If not when he recovers he may find that his collection was "misplaced".
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