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I just sent a letter to the Arizona Daily Star, a Tucsonian Newspaper:
Regarding the continuing search of Dale Eroh's home, I am utterly shocked and ashamed to be an American if this is what happens in our nation. Where is the outrage over the illegeal search of Mr. Eroh's home? Mr. Eroh has commited no crime and is posing absolutly no threat of commiting a crime. Since no crime has been commited, no warrant for the search of Mr. Eroh's home can be issued. Unless Mr. Eroh gave permission for his home to be searched, the police and the ATF have absolutly no reason or right to search his home, regardless of what they suspect may be inside. This is a blatent violation of Mr. Eroh's 4th Amendment rights, and the government is only getting away with it becuase Mr. Eroh is not in a position to defend himself. The Tucson Police must leave Mr. Eroh's home, return all of his belongs, and pay for the repairs for the damage to the home. And most importantly the must admit that they are in the wrong and apologize to Mr. Eroh and the American people.
We'll see if it gets printed....
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