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F Troop strikes again in Tucson

This poor guy had a stroke or heart attack, wandered out of the house naked seeking help, and then the fun started.

Here's a link:

They evacuated over a dozen familes from the neighbor hood.

TV coverage shows the pendejos hauling "military style weapons" out of this guy's house in the form of old bolt action Mausers, Enfields, etc and more fools running around in white HazMat bunny suits, etc.
They even cut a giant hole through the roof of the house to use as an entrance because the guy had mace or pepper spray rigged somewhere in the house as a theft deterent.

So far, the "authorities" have found nothing illegal but this guy is going to have another stroke when he sees all the damage this characters have done to his home and his collection.

This is one of the worst cases of over-reaction I've ever seen.

What gives these fools the right to destroy property and confiscate legal guns?

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