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What I would like to see is SWAT use their super gun magazine powers to get ahold of some of the new groovy guns that were shown at SHOT Show. I would think that a review of the Rohrbaugh tiny 9mm, or a review of the Barrett imported Tavor would be right up SWAT's alley.

And after meeting Ashley, I also wouldn't mind reading about him going through a tactical rifle class with a 30-30.

But Nightcrawler, some of your other ideas have been beaten to death. No offense. Shotgun vs. Carbine for example. And Chuck Karwan did a big battle rifle shoot off a couple of years ago in the Guns Combat Annual. (good article).

I can say in all honesty that since I've subscribed to SWAT I've actually started reading gun magazines again. I used to subscribe to several, but once I discovered TFL I found that I could get information that was more unbiased and faster. But the quality of SWAT has been excellent and very educational lately, and I've very glad I subscribed.
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