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Factory Direct/Dealer Cost on Springfield Armory M1As?

Hi --

Does anyone know if Springfield will accept payment for a rifle directly from a consumer, and then ship that rifle to a FFL holder for transfer? I have been looking into getting a National Match M1A, and there are some local (private) FFLs that will transfer a rifle for a flat fee - $25 or so. Others will do so for a percentage. The gunshops around here charge $50-75 per transfer. Obviously if SA will allow me to purchase the rifle and then ship to my FFL, the flat fee to a private FFL would be best. But if not, then I would like to know what dealer direct would be so I could either negotiate a cap on the percentage - especially since I would be paying up front, or figure out what the extra cost would be to go from dealer to dealer to me, or distributor to dealer to me.

In that vein, could someone please email me a list or jpeg copy of Springfield Armory's dealer cost on the M1As. If too tedious to put in the all the models, I'm looking for the National Match in walnut with the carbon steel barrel.

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