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try these places

Hi guys:

Miwall sucks...we all know that. I found that and have great prices on ammo.

Natchezss has awesome prices on CCI-Blazer .45. I believe they are like $7/box. They're customer service is awesome! I ordered some ammo, then saw a gun case I needed, and called them to see if they could give me a discount on shipping. They couldn't do that, but they did put my orders together. We were on the phone for about a half hour. I thought how cool it was how they went the extra mile to serve my needs. They've always been great to me, and as long as they can have competitive prices, they will continue to have my business.

By the way, go to, and do a search for 'avoid miwall corporation', and see what people wrote in response to my post. I had problems with them back in July I believe it was, and posted a beware warning to other users on that forum, and man, I really got reamed! Apparently, people on love Miwall.

I'm glad we're getting the message out about Miwall here. Hopefully it will prevent others from making the mistakes that some of us here made by ordering from Miwall. I love this site! Its an excellent source of factual information.

Good luck to all of you that need to find a good place to buy shooting supplies.

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