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Article Ideas

I've got a copule article ideas that I've just cooked up.

1) "Battle of the Battle Rifles"

This article could have a group of shooting gurus put the top .308 battle rifles to the test in a competition designed to put a .308 caliber weapon through it's paces.

Areas of concern could include:

-Recoil and muzzle control
-Magazines (availability and prices)
-Price of the weapoin
-Ease of disassembly/cleaning
-Accuracy (no "match grade" versions allowed)

The weapons tested:

Armalite AR-10
Springfield M1A
HK 91 (or a well built clone)

2) An article that debates which is better for police general issue: The carbine or the shotgun.

3) There's been talk about this in the rifle forums, so how about an article discussing the real-world use of intermediate rifle cartridges for home defense, in regards to overpenetration? Test weapons would include an AR-15, an AK of decent manufacture, maybe even the M1 Carbine. Ball, hollow point, and soft-point rounds could be tested.

4) An article discussing Robinson's VEPR II line of AKs. These are great guns and should get more press time. Some reviews would be nice, too.

5) Maybe an article about the OICW? Not some fluff piece that takes everything the manufactuers say for gospel truth, but an article that weighs the pros and cons of the weapon, discusses whether it can really perform as advertised (in your opinion) with the current technology, how useful it really is, etc.

6) I'd really like to see an article disscussing the actual usefulness of full auto fire in service rifles, be they in intermediate or full power cartridges. Bringing up issues like ammo consumption, lowered hit rate, etc. Discuss whether 3-round or 2-round burst is of any utility at all (as opposed to a semiauto only weapon).

7) Weapons of the past used in modern shooting scenarios. Lug a Thompson through that SMG class instead of an MP5. You get the idea.

8) An article discussing possible future developments in firearms technology, such as caseless ammo, energy weapons, gauss rifles, etc.
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