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Fer cryin' out loud, it's PATERSON ya dummy!

I buy SWAT and other gun rags in hopes of learning more about firearms and to be entertained. Hopefully, the gun writers the mags host are knowledgeable types - been around, seen the elephant and so on.

But when the writer can't even get the name of the gun right, well I wanna' throw up.

Bought the March 2002 issue of SWAT. Inside is an article by a guy named Paul Scarlata -"Then and Now: The Evolution of the Service Handgun."

Anyway, he mentions the Texas Rangers and their Colt "Patterson" revolvers. Fer cryin' out loud. Paterson has 1 "T", not 2. Jeez.

William Paterson of NJ was a Revolutionary War hero and member of the Constitutional Convention. Brought up the amendment dealing with small state's rights, you know, the Senate.

The City of Paterson, NJ was named after him. (Note: 1 T). Colt moved in to make revolvers...hence the name Colt "Patersons." The Texas Rangers Museum in Waco does not have any 'Patterson' revolvers on display.

Paterson, NJ - the famous Colt factory. America's first planned industrial city. Birthplace of the modern submarine and Lou Costello. Home to Rogers Locomotive Works, maker of THE GENERAL of Civil War fame.

Paterson - 1 T, please.
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