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I like to order from Botach. It's sort of like hunting. Figure I'll get my deer sooner or later, but it's always an adventure! I have ordered and received many things from Botach that were far less expensive from them than anywhere else. Yes, I have horror stories as well . . .

- telephoned to see if a specific item/color/style is in stock
- have been told "yes."
- place my order
- get a call a couple days later: "color isn't in stock; is another okay?"
- tell 'em "no, it's not okay."
- "Shall we cancel your order?"
- No, just hold it until the correct color is in.
- Months and many phone calls later, I finally got the item . . . which I paid $149 for, $50 less than anywhere else I've found on the web and close to $100 less than any local retail outlet.

I've experience order errors in my favor, like a couple of others here. Hey, it's an adventure. Right now I'm wearing a pair of Royal Robbins pants I bought from them for far less than I've found them anywhere else.

I don't think they are intentionally deceptive. I just think they are incompetent. Their online order system sucks (allows you to place orders for things that are not in stock); their service folks you talk to on the phone seem a couple cards short of a full deck; and they deny they made errors even when you're holding stuff in your hand. I've gotten to the point where Botach is a place I love to hate. But I'll probably keep shopping there as when the price is right, the price is right. Always go by credit card, though, so you can contest charges on order that don't make it.

Go ahead! Order from Botach! As they say, "It's the hunt!"
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