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Sorry Jeff, this seller is from Atlanta; but I hope that we both learn from this thread.

Thanks for the advice, guys. A little update, I checked with the bank, and the money order was not cashed, so I can't accuse him of fraud or tell him to hurry up and send my gun. If I do anything like this again, I'll send the payment with the works: registered mail, tracking, etc... I was in a hurry to send payment the same day because I needed the gun on the following week (HAHAHAHA).

One thing I noticed about the seller while digging into his feedback: He might have an A+ rating, but sometimes he denies that he got a payment on items where he set the starting bid too low. When confronted by these buyers, he'll say that completing the transaction would be "a loss" and that he's "not that stupid". Why would he set the starting bid to a cost that he's not willing to sell at? And even then, why tell the buyer to send payment? This makes no sense at all.

This is one such item; he had 5 identical ones that he was selling for about $50 more. If I run out of ideas, I think I'll just pump up the pressure on him.

I'll double-check with the FFL holder. If I don't find anything out, I think that I'm going to tell the seller that I will block payment on the MO if he didn't really recieve it. Maybe that will make him think about the transaction.
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