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We will have to agree to disagree on the equipment/shooter discussion. Different experiences lead to different conclusions. It is my belief that I could switch gear with Tony Boyer (leaving him with a .3-.4 rifle) and he would still obliterate me at 1000yds. Hand Tubbs a iron sighted Service Rifle and let me run a Any Sight Match Rifle, I would be humbled as well. I have had a few lessons such as this taught to me by lesser known competitors.

I'll submit: If a person can drop down behind a competitve BR gun and run <.2 aggs but can only afford a stock varminter. Or fire 595/600 at will given a Hammer free pistol but 530/600 is it with an Ruger Mk2 then that person is at a financial disadvantage.

The largest $$$ advantage I see is in practice time, ammo and instruction. Which one of couldn't vastly improve by taking a week off and getting some world class instruction with unlimited ammo in our given discipline?
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