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Like I said.....

.....those instances are few and far between.
Been to a Benchrest match lately? I guaranty that the winner was not shooting a "stock" rifle......same goes for an IR 50/50 match. Matter of fact, IR 50/50 is the sport I was interested in trying....but a local competitor/ gunsmith told me my Ruger 10/22 Target would definitely NOT be competitive with the Winchester 52s and the Anschutz 64s......guess how much further up the "food-chain" a guy has to be to even entertain thoughts of owning a "competitive" rifle. Maybe ISPC is ONE type of shooting that equipment doesn't matter....but what about ALL the other types of shooting sports....i.e; when's the last time someone won the Grand American World Trap Championships with an H&R Topper? Or a NBRSA contest with a factory varmint rifle?
99% of the time it's the folks with the deepest pockets who are in the Competitive top 1%. You'll not be convincing me otherwise, sighting only single instances where the opposite has been the case.
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