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"IROC"-for shooting?

Is any one familiar with any competitive shooting, in which the shooters would all compete with IDENTICAL it would be very much like the IROC racing for drivers from all different niches in motorsports ? I mean IDENTICAL , UNMESSED-WITH guns. Consecutive serial numbers would even be better...just to stress that the shooters would all be using the same thing.
I imagine this would never be too popular, knowing how much us gun-lovers like to "trick-out" our different weapons.
What would be really neat is if the top guys from all the different SHOOTING sports (benchrest, high power, 1000 yds, IR50/50, IDPA, sillouette, running target, trap, skeet, cowboy action, etc...) and have them compete in a straight-up 3-gun contest.....with IDENTICAL guns. What do you think??
I also think it would be nice from a novices point of the focus would be on learning good shooting fundamentals, not whatever latest technological breakthru a person could do to/ hang off of their gun.
It is so easy to be pulled in by claims of accuracy increases when it is as simple as putting a 1000 round case of ammution thru our guns......anyhow, that's the angle I was gettin' at......
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