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Rich Lucibella
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OK, the problem appears to be nationwide:

Here is a preliminary response from our Printer.
Reading between the lines, I have to question whether this is a byproduct of recent events and attempts to increase mail security. Meantime, we are looking at polybag alternatives.

========News From the General Publication News Files=================
Heard on the Web" Media Intelligence - The Precision Media Group.

To All PMG Members:

It has come to my attention that there is a serious nation-wide distribution problem with the delivery of some magazines and catalogs traveling through the USPS. I have received multiple reports from across the country that this problem is predominantly manifesting itself as covers being pulled from
saddle-stitched magazines. From the subscriber's perspective, the result is that covers only, without the body pages, are being delivered to homes and offices. There are also reports that paper wrappers and poly-wrapped publications are having a higher frequency of damage and an increase in lost copies and undeliverable mail.

My research indicates that the problem is originating with the Postal Service's AFSM-1000 (automated flat sorter). I can, at this time, confirm that the USPS is aware of this problem and is working to resolve and eliminate the defective deliveries. These are the only items that I can report with any certainty at this time. I will be pursuing this issue and alerting this community as soon as more facts become available. In the meantime, I would request that any readers that have more facts, information, or suggestions on this subject to please forward them to me.

I would also like to suggest that publishers immediately contact their printers and printers contact their publishers in a proactive effort to work with the appropriate USPS authorities to resolve this condition as soon as is possible.

Bob Sacks
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