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I just wanted to drop in and echo Nightcrawler's comments. The February article was great - its one of the few magazines I can sit down and read for several hours and still not hit all the articles that interest me.

February's issue was a particularly good article for me since it had the AR15/Mini14 comparison, the EDS Holosight eval, the ACOG piece and an interesting article by Harry Humphries. All in all, I haven't even received the full year's subscription yet and I already feel very happy with the money spent.

I also enjoy Pat Rogers articles from past issues on the M4 and FSBE as well as his participation here and in the Tactical Forums. As an AR15 owner, its nice to have the opinion and experience of someone with extensive experience on the system. Since I buy all my own gear, I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from someone else's experience before I commit what money I have to new gear.
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