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Not good customer service in my case

They ain't too helpful are they?
I called to confirm that my fax had arrived. Yes, but could i please send a larger and lighter copy of my ID, etc?
Would you accept an e-mail attatchment? no.
Ok, fine.
Can you answer a question about velocities of the ammo I ordered? No, no answers over the phone or e-mail. You have to FAX the questions to us.
Ok, fine.
Called back after I had faxed all that they had requested, and asked: now can you answer my questions? (different lady responding) No, the lady who picks up the faxes isn't here today and wont be here until tomorrow.
SO the last fellow who ascertained that my fax had arrived was just being helpful.
Can you answer my velocity questions?
No, I dont know the answers but call back tomorrow after the techs has gotten your fax.
I hang up.
The lazy slug.

I tell you, between the required faxing and copy of credit card, and the piss-poor customer service I may not order from them again.

I admit to being more cranky in my 4th decade of life than before, but geez.

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