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I bought a holster and a lanyard for my pistol from Lightfighter. The lanyard was in and arrived posthaste; the holster was on backorder. I ordered the holster in late November, and I was told to expect the holster around Christmas. However, I had to move (college student; new semester; etc) in the middle of December. I asked Lightfighter to send the holster to my permanent address in early December. On Jan 10, I got a notice from UPS saying that they tried to deliver my package on 3 Jan to my old address, and that if I didn't get into the UPS office by 11 Jan, they were sending back my package. So I eventually got my package, just a bit later than I had expected.

I was happy with my products and the price, and hopefully, if I don't change addresses in the meantime, it'll be easier to get my products!
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