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LOVED the February 2002 Issue!!

The AR vs Mini-14 test was great. But there were other things:

I really liked the "guns of the colonial police" article. Articles disscussing weapons of the 1900-1940 period are very, very interesting AND educational to me, as I don't know very much about that period. Keep up the good work! Besides, such articles throw off the normal gun rag pace of going on about the newest black and tactical wundergun.

Some kinds of articles I'd like to see? Hmm.

Well, we often here about how the basic lever rifle is often overlooked for self-defense purposes. How about an article about how various lever rifles in .44 Mag, .357 Mag, .45 Colt, or .30-30 can work as a defensive arm?

An AR vs. AK match WOULD be cool, BUT:

-It has to be fair. You can't match a DPMS AR against a Maadi AK. I think a Robinson VEPR II would be a good choice.

-Same caliber. AR in .223, use a VEPR II in .223.

-Maybe put a dot sight on both of them.

Something like that.

I'd also like to see some "non-traditional" rifles taken through Urban Rifle courses at places like Gunsite and the like. What do I mean by non-traditional? Well, everybody at Urban Rifle, or tactical (non-sniper-oriented) rifle classes in general, seems to use AR-15s. How about having somebody run through one with an M1A Scout, a shorty FAL, or an AK? Just to be different.

As always, keep up the good work!
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