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I finally recieved my SWAT mag today!!! should have seen me beating a path for the "shack" when i seen the cover!! Very impressive Denny,etc!!! A true 5 star review,i am absolutley speechless...VERY well done, VERY well written, VERY well EVERYTHING!!!!! I thourghly enjoyed both the 5 star pictures,and the 5 star article. Ol' Flint deserves a big round of applause also,thanks!! I also laughed my @@@ off reading on how the proper method of "repairing" a faulty mag!! .The handful of good ol' Arizona's dirt used to lubricate also made me bout bust a clot!!!! Incredible.....i have not read the rest of magazine yet,but i am sure i will totally enjoy it as always!! My hats off to you...very nice work!! Now.....if i could only get that darn mailman of mine to subscribe so i would get MY issue a few days earlier!!! . Those of you that are not subscribers to this fantasic mag, i urge you to dont know what you are missing!!!,or at least call around and find a place that carries SWAT mag and go get this issue, especially if the Mini 14 or AR15 tweaks your interest...Sorry to babble,what a natural rush (the only kind in my book) the article brought me!!!!
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