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It's here!

The Hawes Western Marshall .44 Mag. arrived today. Since it came to my gunsmith I had him do a quick once-over and he said it seemed pretty solid. Has a little front/back play, but since I'll be basically only shooting .44 Spl. loads it should be fine.

It has the same anodized aluminum trigger guard and grip backstrap as Nick96's, and it's showing a fair amount of holster wear, but it balance nicely in my big paw. And at not much more than 1/2 the cost of a new Vaquero, at this point I feel I've made a good purchase.

I've got 500 cast 200 gr. bullets and a pound of TiteGroup, so I should be able to put together several loads to test this next week. I hope to shoot it Sat. Feb. 2nd, so I should have a range report that night.


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