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I've got one too. Picked it up at a gun show maybe 10 years ago. It was in somewhat rough condition, but I was looking for a "project gun" anyway. I think I paid around $165 for it. Haven't seen any others, so they must be somewhat limited in number.

Mine is blue steel frame and had an anodized aluminum trigger guard and backstrap assembly - rosewood grips. I ordered a brass trigger guard and backstrap assembly and walnut grips from Conneticut (sp) Vallet Arms. I put together one of their 1861 Colt kits some years back, and found that these parts fit perfectly (after some grinding and polishing). Touched up the blueing a little.

It's now pretty much a display case gun. I have shot a few .44 Mags through it - but didn't like the blast & kick - and I was a bit concerned about stressing the frame (I really don't know how old it is) and the brass trigger guard and backstrap assembly . But shooting .44 Spl's is very pleasant. Not a long range target gun - but a pretty good point & shooter out to about 10 yards or so.

I've toyed with the idea of reloading .44 Mag shells with black powder, but never actually tried it. Kind of like the low pitch thump and smoke when I shoot the cap & ball .44. Anyone have experience doing this?

Word of caution though. Similar to the original Colt, there is no firing pin/hammer interupter. So it's best carried with the hammer down on an empty chamber. If it's dropped or the hammer is bumped hard enough with a live round in the chamber it could go off.
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