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Just a suggestion:

Avoid They were extremely unreasonable with me when I tried to place my order. The only thing that set me off was they required that you fax a hard copy of your credit card to them. I called my credit card co., and they advised me against it, and for good reason. They say they put it in a safe, but do they really? Who knows who is going to see it before it is locked away? They said they were too busy to call in for verification on credit cards. To me, that sounds like pure laziness.

I just didn't feel safe faxing my credit card to them. I offered to fax a copy of it to them, with the last 4 numbers scratched out, but they disallowed it.

On the other hand,, and are all good places. I find my ammo to be cheapest at is good for gun parts, though. I did call them with a ton of questions, and they stayed on the phone with me until I felt that I fully understood their ordering policy. Unlike, you don't have to fax a hard copy of your credit card to them.

Its your decision, just watch out for Personally, I don't want to take any risks for unauthorized charges, because I think it would be really hard to prove that I didn't make those charges, so I try to safeguard my information as best as possible.

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