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I just love these posts. I have ordered from Botach more than 10 times and only once has my order not been completely filled.

Carbon_15, when you order originally did not arrive, why didn't you call back and cancel the order? If they are going to make it that hard on you, do business elsewhere.

I never buy anything from them that I need by a certain point and time. That being said, with the one exception, all the orders have been filled, shipped, and arrived within just a few days of my order.

A lot of customers who are upset with Botach and who can't get Botach to credit their credit cards for bad orders, returned stuff, or stuff that didn't arrive are people who simply don't know how to play the game. If a vendor, any vendor, does not refund money due to you that you charged on a credit card, then you simply challenge the charge through your credit card company. Over the years, I have had to do it 3 times and have always gotten my money back (credit card credited for the improper debit). That is one good reason to use a credit card for this sort of thing.

Sure, so Botach is evil, but you can get some really good deals from them as well.
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