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Avoid Botach tactical!

I ordered 2 boxes of Winchester 127gr +p+ SXT's from Botach's website near the first of October. Its now the middle of January and ONE box finaly got here...and thats only after jumping through the same set of hoops over and over. I kept sending the same responses to the same questions and ended up sending 15 copys of my ID to 15 seperate requests. I had finaly said to he!! with it and bought a box at the Gunshow. Well, Today I got one of the 2 boxes I ordered 3 monthes ago and it was not what was advertised!!!! Run, dont walk away for Botach Tactical. They had a picture of the box and bullet, depicting the brown and blue Ranger SXT box and a picture of the Lubalox bullet in a brass case. What showed up was the white box non-lubalox 127gr +p+ version.
Can someone clue me in to what the actual difference is. The white box non-lubalox SXT's felt quite a bit softer shooting than the Rangers, but not as soft as the Civilian SXT's I had as a controle group. The real Ranger +p+ SXT's caused some minor sting in my palm and a bit of trigger slap, not so with the Non-lubalox SXT's. I think they toned down the non-lubalox version a little bit. I wish I had a chrony.
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