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One time ammo deal

Well, this was rather unexpected and I thought I should share it with you folks.......

Some of you already know that Galyan's discounts their ammo by the case. For e.g., a box of 50 Winchester 230 FMJ (white box) retails for $10.99 plus tax. If you buy a case of it (10 boxes), they give a 10% discount on it. Here in VA, with taxes, I paid $103 for a case, which to me is a pretty decent deal. However, when I first got to the store, they were handing out applications for their Prefered Customer Program. Without even giving it a second thought, I filled mine up and mailed it. Last week it came back with a $15 discount coupon which was not good for any firearms or electronic stuff BUT I walked out of the store with my first case of .45 Winchester 230 FMJ for only $87 incl taxes!

It may be a one time deal but it was still a damn good one.
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