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Pendragon . . .

I agree with everything our BluesMan says re moderator workload, consternation over highly controversial non-firearms subjects, and so forth. I would respectfully like to add a further negative: computer, communications, and system constraints.

During the last two years, TFL has repeatedly upgraded its hardware and software (THANKS RICH!!!) in an effort to keep ahead of the site’s continuing growth in membership and popularity. We have all seen occasional slow response times, out-of-service periods counted in days, posting losses, and so forth (I am not complaining, but rather citing factual evidence for this discussion). I suspect that supplementary “Off Topic” traffic could only exacerbate the hardware and software limitations we must already manage. Accordingly, OT threads would likely undermine -- from a technical standpoint -- TFL’s ability to provide its primary mission: Firearms related interchange.

Pendragon, I apologize for being negative; I, too, would like to get to know TFL regulars through OT threads. However, I respectfully suggest our limited resource need to be applied on TFL’s principal focus.
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