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Sounds like a plan, but the date's all wrong for me. I'm working up in Manassas for the next month or so, so weekdays are out, even the 'holiday' (no rest for the wicked). I'll be home for all the weekends that I can foresee though.

Kinda funny actually. I'm working at the Izaak Walton shootin range up there building a new archery building, which is taking away from my shootin time!

I'm up for any weekend. If we do this, y'all gotta give me some advice here. I don't know much about 'proffesional' shootin ranges, and my range is geared more toward two shooters at a time at the most. I can get back there with my chainsaw and rope and make more tables/room for more if needed. It's no problem, I just gotta know what we would need.

When a buncha guys get together like this, do they all shoot at once? How many targets should I have at 25/100/150/200 yards at a time?

Word of warning - this a personal range - ie, no target pullers. It's a lot of walkin back and forth unless you got a four wheeler.
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