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Auto Ordnance/Kahr 1911

Just wanted to let some folks know about my on going experience. Had my dealer order me one of the "New" Kahr/Auto ordnance WWII 1911A1's that all the Gun Mags have raved about. Gun arrived at dealers, went to dealers to pick it up, we opened the box and the front sight was missing. Looked all over the inside of the box and there was no front sight. It would appear that the gun left the factory with no front sight (so much for quality control). My dealer sent the gun to Kahr for repair on December 5th, Kahr received it on December 6th. Today is January 3rd and the gun has still not come back. Now I am no gunsmith but I would think that staking on a front sight is no more than a 10 or 15 minute job, not a 30 day job. I am very disappointed with Kahr arms and will be calling them today to complain. I once had a Kimber Gold Match that the sear went bad in and I sent it to Kimber on a Monday for repair and I had the gun back two days later on Wednsday fixed. So be fore warned before buying one of these "Greatly Improved" Kahr 1911's. I will keep you all posted on the progress of this mess.
Thanks, Mike.
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