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Yeah, I have a Wilson gun also, and like that hider much better, because at least I can rationalize that it does something! I hate fake parts and would rather have nothing than a fake hider. On the other hand, I HATE the Armalite muzzle brake!!!! The think is soooo loud it is crazy! The Wilson is the best. In fact, I am sort of pissed at Knights because they refuse to ship rifles to my state (MA) even though they are legal. I had to get them from a dealer, which was fine, but I did not like their attitude. So I have 4 of their rifles, but if I had nothing now, I would probably buy a Wilson again, an M96, and maybe a Les Baer for a varmint version. I also have not lost faith on Carbon-15s even though none of mine have worked for long (and I have had 6 of them).

But I like the m96 Recon the best, so I am in no hurry to make changes to my Knights. -- some photos of me with my first m96.
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