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More on importing a semi-auto G36. Yes, one cannot import a machine gun after the GCA of 1968. An MP5 is a machine gun receiver according to the ATF. An HK-94 or SL8 is not. The "distinguishing characteristic" is the push-pin lower on the MP5 (HK-94 does not have that). I know it seems small, but HK was forced to modify the MP5 design into the HK-94 in order to import it. Likewise, UZIs after 1968 had to be closed-bolt for semi-auto, and eventually they were forced to make the short barrel not fit. The G36, like the MP5, is a machine-gun receiver. So, you cannot put a semi-auto lower on it and be able to import it, due to the GCA of 1968, as even then it is a machine gun. And, to make matters worse, even if changes were made, you *still* could not import it due to the Bush AW ban. Now I know you wanted to get around the AW ban by SBR-ing it, but that will not work. This part I am not sure of, but I think you cannot have pre-ban features on a post-ban SBR-weapon either, even if you can have a short barrel. All you can have is a short barrel. But, if you take an SL-8, you can put in enough US made parts to have it be considered US made (just like all those new AKs made from Romanian/Bulgarian and US parts). Then, you can modify it to take normal capacity magazines and a pistol grip. Special Weapons is selling such US made parts. Then you can make something that looks and works like a G36. This is just like someone now taking an HK-94 and making it look and work like an MP5. In the end, it would be too expensive to sell to police departments, but if you want it for fun, as I do, then it would be an interesting project.
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