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Yes, the PSP heats up, but that is more of an issue during practice than for defense. I mean, if you were about to die, and emptied your magazine into someone, I think it would be ok. That pistol is one serious tool with just the right features. That being said, I am wearing a Glock 35 right now for the long sight radius and 16 shots. Murder rate in boston is up 100% and there was a robbery this week where the guys came in and shot a clerk and knifed another right from the start. But the clerks pulled out a pistol and shot every robber. The Boston Police are actually saying "good job." But the local liberals are saying they were lucky the defense worked but you cannot count on defending yourself and implied one should do nothing. I was thinking if that happened to me, I would want a BFG. Power, firepower, capacity, light trigger, sight radius == Glock 35. Quality, safety, speed, compactness == HKPSP.
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