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Found this at HK pro

[LEGAL WARNING! While it may be physically possible to adapt a factory select-fire
ambidextrous style “Navy Group”, or “Burst” type trigger pack and plastic housing to fit a clip-on
semi-auto receiver, it is patently ILLEGAL to simply adapt such a trigger group to fit, and then just
clip it onto a “Registered Receiver” gun using a clip-on style housing attachment as you have just
made a new, unregistered machine gun by doing so¼¼’ve just created a complete
conversion device to convert a semi-auto receiver!! The legal issue here, again, is that you are left
with the original, unregistered conversion part being freed up when you swapped them out on
your Registered Receiver conversion. There are currently available many of these adapted
“Navy”/”burst”/Ambidextrous trigger groups offered for sale, but they are ALL illegal,
unregistered conversion devices!! The ONLY way they are BATF legal is if they have been
NFA registered as a Conversion device! This had to be either before the May 19, 1986
cut-off (which is HIGHLY unlikely due to very limited availability of these styles of factory
parts then), or as a “post-86 Dealer Sample Conversion device”, or made at the request of
Law Enforcement Agencies. ]
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