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Remember vividly the conversation I had with BATF. Although civil, it was a verbal boxing match of ideas. I wanted to import a semi auto G36 for my personal collection. Was thinking of a SBR model in order to circumvent the 94' Assault weapons law and we went round and round. He (BAFT) started quoting me text about the different laws and part of the deal was percentages of part of foreign origin and number of dark feature. I finally brought up the idea of using a SL8 as a base and purchasing the parts. Install a auto sear and make my problems go away. He quoted me again some federal statute (with lots of techno crap) and the then the coup de grace. Something having to do with the gun (receiver) was going to be altered from its original configuration or something to that affect and that was strictly prohibited. The whole master plan died.

Called my CLEO and asked if he wanted a G36 demo. Got a burner now.

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