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So Sell me a Subscription

Who's in charge of what goes in S.W.A.T magazine?

The reason I ask is because I usually only buy a Gun Rag if I'm looking for companies to order products or accessories from. I subscribe to America Rifleman and thats it. I read about 10%-40% and then just look at the pretty pictures.

I never see articles on Surplus ammo like Hirtenburger/Chilean/South African/ and all the various lots that are good and what to watch out for. I never hear a bad thing about Wolf ammo from a Gun Magazine but I see about a 10% malfuntion rate in Handguns and Rifles ALL THE TIME. The topic of Surplus ammo and Factory Ammo never really goes anywhere.

Every time I see a gun test it lists 3 types of ammo used in 1 gun of a certain design. I want to see QC bashing on 20 types of ammo and Surplus ammo in 10 Bushmaster AR's or 10 Ruger Mini 14's.
And how to fix crappy USA Magazines for Mini 14's? I've never seen topics like this discussed before.
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