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The distribution racket is just that...a racket. It's controlled by about 3 major companies and the Teamsters. Because S.W.A.T was announced as closing down before we bought it, and because shelf space is so valuable, we were pulled out of many outlets and are now just getting back in...basically, you buy your way in with no guarantee. If the mag doesn't sell, out you go. This is as it should be.

S.W.A.T is doing very well in the growth area. Due to 911 and the changes we've made, we're getting into a lot of outlets that were unavailable when we took over. (We were already in the major book chains). But it's a slow process. Distribution is often controlled regionally. Therefore, you may find us in your local Barnes and Noble, but not in the one across the county line.

From a financial standpoint, I'd rather you buy the mag off the stand. However, from a practical standpoint, if S.W.A.T interests you, order a subscription.
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