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should have stopped me!!

Finally found things that I wanted. Guy was selling AR mags 30rd for $12.50 each(2/$25) That was a steal! Genuine USGI various makers got 4 of those. Had some new in wrap for $19.99 always wanted one of those with contract #'s and such on them bought one. 2- 50 cal cans 1 for me and one for a guy I work with. FINALLY found CLP in spray cans two of those and one in a bottle form and finally 6 20rd COLT USGI AR mags $120. That was a fair price. Some places online were a few $ cheaper but with s&h and tax it would come out the same. I can also pick the mags myself and not get "luck of the draw" I was happy good show I hope they keep it going LOTS of AR's too! Finally saw the CIA ones not too bad around $550 I think. Mags required a little cleaning but they look good 70%+ finish. Cleaned up well too! How did others make out? Soda---did you buy an AR? As I mentioned before lots to choose from. Happy Holidays all from DAROGUE1 PM if you want about AR's
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