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First - Runt : I don't care what you or Oleg say about it - I like the picture of you they used. Certainly, there may be better, but you look fine.

Of course, even I might look good in a hat like that one.

Second - Oleg - Great article. I couldn't agree more on the statement of recoil. One of the only differences I notice between shooting 9mm & 22 with the piece is the volume of the *bang*. Muzzle flip is just about the same either way.

Nice pix also. Looks an awful lot like the 75B I was shooting last weekend ... though I don't get handheld 2/3" groups with it (yet?). Guess I'd better break down and shoot more.


PS - Runt: I'll bring it down to TN in April so you can ... er ... handle it again.

PPS - Spazz: Nice grips. What kind of wood is that?
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