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Agalb, I too have been in the industry for a while. Only dealing with MGs off and on but have experience there as well. The DIAS is the MG but as it has been explained to me as long as it is in the receiver (post 94) the receiver is exempt from the restrictions. I don't claim to know the 'current' interpretation of things but this is what I have been told by the tech guys. Rulings, policy and legal interpretations change all the time so all I can say is what I have seen in print. If the DIAS is out of the (post 86) receiver the gun should be disassembled to the point that it no longer has two or more banned features. You wouldn't need to reduce the gun to its component parts if you were to remove the sear for cleaning but I would certainly store the gun with the sear in it. If for whatever reason you wanted to shoot the rifle without the sear in it, the gun would have to be in the politically correct format.

As I have said, I don't claim to be the ultimate authority in these matters. Just puting forth my own experiences, if anyone has any info I don't please educate me.
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