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Marnie, my high-school sweetheart, and best my friend's sister, was killed by an AD. She was at home lying in bed reading a book. Her nine month old son was lying in the bed next to her. Her husband was in the living room watching TV.

Across the street in a different apartment complex, a young man was excitedly playing with his brand new AR14. With some foolish lack of thought, he chambered a round and for some reason even he couldn't explain, pulled the trigger. The bullet went through his wall, across the street, through the wall of her bedroom and into Marnie's brain. It killed her instantly. The baby wasn't hurt. Not directly anyway.

For a moment of stupidity, the young man spent time in jail and will never be allowed to own a gun again for the rest of his life. Marnie's husband and child both lost even more.

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