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I accidently shot myself last night.

There....I said it. I had to tell everyone else today, so I thought I'd share here as well. Maybe someone else will be a little safer because of it. I'm not sure what happened really. Was dry firing my new G30 and while lost in (fatigued) thought, popped in a loaded mag, and kaboom. Took a Speer Gold dot through the hand and ended up having my pinky amputated. Not sure yet if my ring finger will recover completely, but it looks promising. Damn,damn,damn.....I feel really stupid....but lucky. The bullet went through me, hit some magazines on my workbench, destroyed a can of WD40, and finally dropped on the bench in front of me. Ive been handling guns for over 30 years but got careless or stupid or both. Well the meds are kicking in, better rest for a bit. Be careful!!
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