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Rik Writer;

I envy you. I, too have an affinity for "Old Slabsides" and have owned, well, enough of 'em that I'm probably forgetting one. Let's see...

First (and long ago) was a Series 70 Commander in matte nickel. GI mags it came with were, indeed, crap. Fresh Colt mags cleared most everything up. Very reliable with ball. Fed rounded ogive JHP's such as the Silvertip with good (for the era) reliability after a ramp & throat from a well respected gunsmith, but was possessed by demons that refused to let it feed more aggressively shaped Speer or Hornady HP's. Next was a Springfield G.I. surplus gun. Ball only. A few years later, a new Springfield. Out of the box, it was about as good as the breathed-on Commander was post-cleanup, but still choked on flatnosed JHP's. Next, an Auto-Ordinance, another FMJ-only gun that I never bothered to get 'souped-up'. Then a racegun built entirely from parts by probably the best 1911 man in North GA at the time. This was the most feed-reliable 1911 I have ever seen; it'd feed & eject empty cases as fast as you could work the slide. Then came a Colt 1991A1 that worked okay after I shelled out bucks for, you guessed it, yet some more Wilson mags. (If these are required to make the gun function, why aren't they in the box in the first friggin' place?) Last and most recent, my ParaOrd P12.45 was great from day one, having only a few teething problems with MagTech Gold JHP's during the initial 250rd break-in.

Maybe you & your shooting buddies have a statistically unlikely bunch of 1911's, but my experiences seem pretty well echoed up and down this page. I'll tell you what my definition of reliability has become: my P228 never jammed on me in the 8 months I owned and competed with it. My 2nd and 4th G23's have never jammed on me. My H&K P7M8, never. My G33, never. My G29, using the mags that came with the gun, firing JHP's and Ball with weights from 135gr to 200gr, has been 100% jam-free since I pulled it from the tupperware several thousand rounds ago.

I don't want to hear "Break in", or that a manufacturer expects me to buy aftermarket mags to make his product function properly. SIG, Glock, and H&K will let me pull a gun out of the box and shoot any style of bullet from my bone stock gun; they have raised my expextations and the bar for "acceptable quality & reliability". Kimber's trying hard to step up to the plate, I'd like to see the rest of the 1911 makers do likewise.

Like I said. I like 1911s. I just wish I had your luck with them, and so do most 1911 owners I know...

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