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...using the classic definition of "GPMG" (A weapon that can be fired from bipod or tripod, is belt-fed and usually equipped with the ability to change barrels rapidly so that it may be used as a light squad-level machinegun as well as in a sustained-fire MMG/HMG role), I'd have to say that the postwar French AA 52 is one of the worst.

Possibly the only military with a worse "not-invented-here" syndrome than the US, the French decided to go with a homebrewed cartridge (7.5mm French) and instead of licensing production of the Belgian FN MAG or the German MG-3 like nearly everyone else in NATO, they designed a machinegun with the rather unique capability of extracting most of the cartridge case while leaving the neck in the chamber. Needless to say, this is less than conducive to proper functioning. About the only good thing to be said about it was that it was only slightly heavier than its competition, and therefore made a better boat anchor or club after it jammed.
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