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When I took Comtacs class, Weaver or Modern Isoceles wasn't a key issue. I'm not sure if the 100 or 200 class would be different. But they did say that since it was an advanced class and that the students were pretty much set in their ways they weren't going to change them. But they would help them using what the student had built up already.

Now if it's a 100 class they may emphasize the Weaver for the beginners, but for our class it wasn't a big deal to use Modern Isoceles. I used it the whole time and wasn't told to change to weaver.

The ATSA meeting are a really good way to get some excellent training in. Like I mentioned in the other post the best part of the training, for me at least, is the Force-on-force training. It's not a shooting drill, it's a "Stay alive" drill. You deal with people who react to your gestures, talk, body language and who may become hostile, frightened, angry, frustrated, timid or anything else in-between. You definetely will learn how you will react or crumble under stress in these excersises. Let me know if your coming one of these times and I'll make sure to introduce you to everybody.

Another thing is Comtac also has study group that is very similar to ATSA's. They hold their study group on the 2nd saturday of the month so that it wouldn't interfere with ATSA's study group. So if you wanted to you could attend both. I've attended Comtac's study group and have enjoyed the training there also. I would attend there more often but Harrisburg is much closer to where I live and the family gets a little cranky if I don't spend time with them

So I've been trying to get them to start training with me

Ross T.
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