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No problem 9mmMike

Also sorry for addressing the posts only to Matrix. I forgot that it was you that posted the orignal quesiton.

Another thing I would like to clear up also, before there is any misunderstandings. Is this part of my post:

What I find amusing is the place that used to be a Klan facility is now teaching ME :-) how to be more tactical with a pistol. That just gives me the warm fuzzies deep down in my chest. :-)
The reason I find it amusing is that I'm one of those minorities the KKK isn't to crazy about. I wasn't getting the warm fuzzies because I was training at a ex-Klan facility. I was getting the warm fuzzies because I know the KKK guys would turn over in their graves knowing that one of their past facilities is teaching minoities

That's why. Just wanted to set that straight before someone took it the wrong way.

Ross T.
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