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The next day we went through the house but this time it was with mannequins. The first shooter through the house about had a heart attack because he saw a face
and body that resembled human features and almost froze. Then he saw the gun and proceeded

We were also taught that clearing a house is one of the worst things in the world you can do. All the badguy(s) would have to do is Alamo up and wait for you to
come into his kill zone and zap you. And they told us that if you want to stay alive you will not get into a situation like this, but sometimes you'll have to. I've learned
before this class chances of clearing a house are slim to none but I do also understand that sometimes you'll have to go in. In case of your wife, loved one, child,
father, mother. There aren't a lot of people out there that I would risk my life for but the ones I would I'd never forgive myself if I had the power to stop harm from
coming to them and chose not to. The message they gave us was logical and it also matched the way we (the students) felt. Don't do it unless Absolutely necessary.

We worked more on the moving targets and with the help of Mr. Lopez again my accuracy on them increased. I couldn't believe the hits I was getting while moving
and shooting at a mover. I really have to thank him for his analytical skill and pointing out what I needed to do to increase my accuracy.

We then had an exercise where we (one at a time) went into the woods to search out 6 badguys. The situation was told to us like this, "Wife and I are taking a
leisurely drive through an unfamiliar area. We see a trail and decide to go exploring, but at the last minute the wife says she's going to stay in the car and read the
paper with the air conditioner. So I take the portable radio and take a hike...... Literally. Then on the radio you hear a prison break by 6 armed men just happened
near the area you were in. Make it back to your car. This was the exercise that took the cake. I couldn't see diddly squat. The one target I did find on my own and
shot at the two bullets got deflected by a sappling! They would have been a sweet group too. They weren't but a inch and a half apart on the sappling which was
about 3 feet away from the target! I know, I know it's starting to sound like one of those fish stories

Well after the exercise I was taught when searching in this kind of enviornment to not scan horizontally, to do it going up and down and to crouch to see it from
different angles. Look for what didn't belong. Sounded easy enough but man was that exercise hard! The reasoning for searching up and down is if you scanned
horizontally, if what you're looking for was going in the same direction you may not see if by scanning behind it. If it's moving opposite your scan the moment it
crosses your sight is extremely fast. If you scan up and down you would be able to catch it from the ground up or vice versa. Look for movement, listen to sounds. It
was a very head filling experience.

More night shooting and house clearing with the lights. Then we just hung out and BS'd and saw strange lights in the sky......... but that's a different story.

On the last day we worked against each other. We did a couple simunition drills, red gun drills and when we shot we did 3 of us on the line draw from concealment,
move off the line and fire. Won a couple of those :-)

We finally got to do the house against one of the instructors with sims. After we all verified that all our guns, ammo, knives, keys or anything else that we might use to
instinctively hurt someone with was off of our body one of the instructors went off to the house. While the other instructor stayed with us. One by one we went in and
came back out. Some of us with paint and others being able to talk their way out of a situation. We did this twice and I had to draw twice but not fire a shot. I
managed to talk or run my way out of the situation without getting any stingers on me. Shwew! I know they hurt because I'm not always that lucky!

We then were told what the final was. Then we were told that there will be no re-shoot of the final. What you get is what you get. Oh and another thing. One miss
you fail, and only get a certificate of attendance. Now I learned a lot in those four days and the knowledge alone and skill I've gained was enough to satisfy me but I
know I didn't want to fail. I didn't want to just get an attendance certificate. I started to quietly panic. Because accuracy isn't my strongest asset in my bag of
goodies. I consider it OK and very lucky at times but there is a lot of room for improvement. So I started sweating. There was also a written test but All of us
thought it was easy and happy to say, I'm not getting a certificate of attendance!

We burned through at least 1260 rounds of very educational ammo.

At the end of the class what made these guys really stand out to me as a class act was the fact that they said they were happy we chose them to take training with.
And if one thing we must continue to train. Even if it's not with them to continue to train. They weren't pushing us to take more classes with them but they were telling
us to train more to get better even if it didn't benefit their facility.

Well I definitely will be training with them again to better my ability with my firearm and my hat goes off to these guys for having a great school, I just wish I knew
about it sooner.

There were a lot of other things I learned and got to do but this post is getting long enough. But if you have any questions feel free to ask.


Ross T.

P.S. One more thing I forgot you might want to bring a gallon of water to use to wash hands and stuff before lunch. They don't have any running water at the facility.
Also bug spray can come in handy, but you'll also see some beautiful country out there especially at night. Stars you'd never see in the city. That's the added bonus
other than the shooting stuff.

One more time guys, thanks!

Ross T.
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